Unsere beiden Katzenkinder

Das sind unsere beiden Katzenkinder.
Sie wurden am 18. Juni 07 auf dem Bauernhof meines Onkels Joachim geboren, und werden mit uns in die neue Wohnung einziehen.

Namen für die Beiden stehen mitlerweile auch fest: Cimba und Camba ;-)

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  1. tbdress sagt:

    From experience the 40k scene has developed the arms race in response to the speed in which the game is evolving, combine in the constant building to be able to take on Charlie whilst still playing against everyone else. I am probably the only person on the scene that took one of the “internet boogeymen” of 40k to a tournament. Won’t bore you with the details, but it is a strong list, I just couldn’t drive it to its full potential due to match ups and not playing the best I could.

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